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Nov. 18, 2021

Where was I?

How did I get to be so busy? It’s a mystery. The past couple of months has been hectic, almost frantic, with teaching and performing work, online events—symposia, lectures and spoken word performances. I’m exhausted!

Plus writing and recording the weekly episodes for the podcast. The last 8 episodes have included performers based in Lincolnshire (Sarah-Ann Hassal), Liverpool (Roy Carruthers, Chris Darwin, Frances Brodie Oldbridge), Los Angeles (Joanna Cazden) and coming up in tomorrow’s episode, Christopher McDougall (London) and Mark Kydd (Edinburgh). What an absolute blast to work with these fine and generous performers.

There’s also a small matter of co-hosting a folk music programme on our local community radio station, Wirral Wave Radio, with Mike Rimmer. Once a fortnight we each present 6 tracks which Mike records and edits to go out every second Sunday evening at 9:00 pm. It’s quite a treat to discover new artists—new to me, at least, and to play a small part in keeping the tradition alive.

And I had the honour to be selected to record some tracks for The Narrowboat Sessions. This is an actual recording studio on an actual Narrowboat, on a canal somewhere near the Welsh border.