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July 9, 2021

Stranger Things…

This week has been a strange one. It seems to me that the closer we get to the possibility of having no formal restrictions concerning the pandemic, the more people behave as if there never was a pandemic. Happily chatting and sneezing on public transport with no masks and no social distancing, they remind me of the excesses that followed the first world war and the great flu epidemic. A cynical soul might add that this was a preamble to the great depression and world war two.

But who has time for cynicism? Not me. I have two new episodes written and in the hands of my fabulous crew of actors, scheduled to be recorded next week. I’m also working on a series of bonus episodes, possibly featuring Helen and Nana Madeleine enjoying a natter in the garden. These will be released as a special extra episode, a thank you to those listeners who take the time to rate and review the programme. There will be a bonus episode for every 5 reviews I receive. I hope it doesn’t take too long, because once I’ve written something, I just want to share it! You can do it via your usual podcasting app, or click on the button here.

And I’ve written a new song. It’s called “How to Wear a Face Mask, if You Want to Extend a Pandemic”. Here’s a wee trailer…

“How to Wear a Mask if you Want to Extend a Pandemic” – trailer

It will be performed, in full, outside LUSH in Liverpool One on 29th July, on the World’s Smallest Festival Stage, courtesy of Unusual Art Sourcing Company.