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Aug. 6, 2021

Season Close

No spoilers, I promise. If you want to know how it ends, you’ll have to listen all the way through. All I can say is, some things are resolved, while others turn out to not be so…

I decided to take a wee break, just two or three weeks, to regenerate my washed out brain cells, watch some silly movies, wash the floors, do a bit of weeding. You know—stuff that I’ve been putting off for months. The podcast did become all-consuming for a while there, to the extent that I began to panic that I should be doing something more useful.

But I’ve had enough messages of support and encouragement over the past couple of weeks to think that it’s worth persevering with it, for the people who are already enjoying it. I’m an actor, I like an audience. And I have a deep sense of responsibility towards my audience.

Hence, the end of Season 1 — stand by for Season 2, which is already under way. Two episodes ready to record. New characters to be introduced, more phone and Zoom calls to interrupt Helen, ensuring that her memoirs take a very long time to complete. She doesn’t mind. Like me, she’d rather be chatting with friends and family, meeting up with new folk, hearing about their adventures and struggles. Did somebody say ‘procrastinating’? How could you????

My garden, after a heatwave and two weeks abandonment while I was cat-sitting for my son.