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Jan. 17, 2022

New Year, New Season

To season, or not to season—that is indeed a question. Essential in cooking, and what is a podcast audio drama if it's not a form of cooking!

pumpkin scones In this case, to be honest, I needed to take a break so I took an executive decision on 17th December to close Season 2 with the episode "Three Little Words", in which Helen and her daughter Janey arrive at some kind of rapprochement. 

As some listeners have pointed out to me, Janey is annoying!  Yes she is—from Helen's perspective. But as I'm pretty sure Helen herself would admit, she's capable of being pretty annoying herself. And she's dead lucky to have a daughter who makes time for her mother no matter how annoying her mother finds it. 

So, even though Season 3 opens with Janey's most annoying voice scolding her mother for arriving late, I have hopes that she will continue to grow and deepen her understanding of her ageing mother's challenges.  And that Helen will come to recognise that she still has some 'growing up' to do herself!

I'd like to welcome all the new listeners who've arrived at the podcast over the holidays, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you, either here in the comments or over on the Facebook page "Am I Old Yet? the podcast". I might be the chief cook and bottle washer, but I also enjoy company in the kitchen.