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Feb. 25, 2022

On Such a Day

On Such a Day
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Episode 7, and Helen is having a hard time waking up. If only she could figure out what day it is.   But Janey isn't far away, although that leads to even more confusion.  This week, we welcome guest artist Lyndsay Sweeney from Houston TX in the role of Andrea (from New York).

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Flloyd KennedyProfile Photo

Flloyd Kennedy

Author, Actor

Flloyd Kennedy (aka Fairy Bessie), Australian-born actress, performance poet, singer-songwriter, director and voice/speech/accent coach, took part in the British folk revival in the late 60s, performed street theatre, cabaret and fringe theatre in Scotland throughout the 1980s and 90s, returned to Australia where she undertook research into the performing voice (specifically Shakespeare) for her doctorate. She has performed, directed, and taught voice and acting skills at colleges and universities in the UK, US and Australia. Now resident in Liverpool, UK, Flloyd tours her one-person versa plays with music around the world, performs her songs and poems at open mics in and around Liverpool. She also coaches student and professional actors, private individuals and community and corporate groups through her private studio Being in Voice. She is artistic director of Thunder’s Mouth Theatre (theatre of poetry, passion and philosophy), a Certified Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork and is an Associate Artist with ISAAC (International School for Acting And Clown), She has now published two collections of poetry, songs and essays, Sunsets & Kites and Home is Where I Hang My Hat. Her songs are available on Bandcamp, as well as all major online streaming services.

Lyndsay Sweeney (Andrea)Profile Photo

Lyndsay Sweeney (Andrea)


Lyndsay is an independent actor, educator, and voice-over artist from Houston, Texas. When she isn't teaching PK-1st graders Theatre Integration, or cuddling with her doggie, Luna, she can be seen on the stage throughout Houston. (with the exception of the past 2 years : ( buuut she was in a few Zoom productions!) In 2016 she won the Houston Press Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress, as Female Chorus in "How I Learned to Drive" and she was previously nominated for her work in the same category for Lenny in "Crimes of the Heart". Lyndsay created a solo show, "Shakespeare's Women: Gnawing At My Soul", that was produced in Houston and presented at Main Street Theater. From that production she was invited as a guest artist to be the opening production at Texas Education Theatre Association conference in 2007. In 2019 she co-created an interactive solo show for early childhood with Brave Little Company called, "Wooden O", based on Robin Goodfellow. Lyndsay is a company member with Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company and you can see more of her acting credits in her bio here- https://mildredsumbrella.com/staff/lyndsay-sweeney/
She is also a private acting coach for teens. Lyndsay earned her BA from Baylor University and her MFA from Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia where she met the effervescent Flloyd. Love and Light to all!