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Sept. 16, 2021

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain
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Helen has trouble getting out of the house to go shopping, and Carol, the new salesperson at her local Cheese Shop,  doesn't know what Picos Blue is! (Episode 14 "Hey Old Lady!}. Walking home in the rain, Helen and Carol share some private thoughts.

If you live in the Liverpool area, you can have your Picos Blue delivered to your door by the marvellous Liverpool Cheese Company. 

This episode features guest performer Sarah Macdonald as Carol, the salesperson. All the performers, myself included, are freelance creatives who contribute our skills to make this entertainment . Obviously, we've had more time on our hands during the pandemic.  Any donations that you can make to help cover the costs involved in providing the podcast will be hugely appreciated.  Thank you.

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Sarah-Ann Hassel (Cheese Shop Assistant)Profile Photo

Sarah-Ann Hassel (Cheese Shop Assistant)

Sarah-Ann Hassall (Sarah Macdonald) is an actor living in Lincolnshire who first worked in professional theatre in the nineties. She toured in plays from Pantomime to Priestley, before creating her own Theatre-In-Education company, taking a range of genres into schools and doing workshops. This led to a spell as a Teacher of Drama and English. She has also presented stories for children, poetry, voice work and radio and audio dramas and during lockdown, including several with Make It Write, performance company in the North West, where she met and worked with Flloyd Kennedy.

She has performed in on-line plays and showcases around the country, as well as performing in a short film as part of the 2020 SOfa festival in Lincolnshire. She is co-founder of LincsCameraAction (LCA) a new company dedicated to creating and producing work by and for fellow creatives in the county.

She is keen to collaborate and create with other fellow professional creatives throughout the country and is delighted therefore to be working with Flloyd on ‘Am I Old Yet’?A sample of Sarah-Ann’s work can be found on her Youtube page ‘Sarah-annacts’ Sarah-Ann Acts - YouTube  and her Facebook page under Sarah-Ann Hassall.

Mark Bunyan (arranger, theme music)Profile Photo

Mark Bunyan (arranger, theme music)

Composer and Arranger

Mark Bunyan was an out gay cabaret performer to start with, then wrote a youth musical JUST GOOD FRIENDS which played to packed houses and was named Best Musical of 1982 by City Limits magazine. This led to various other musicals with various degrees of success. (The most recent, BEING COLONEL BARKER (www.beingcolonelbarker.com) and DEFINING DR MINOR (www.definingdrminor.com) were workshopped at the Royal Academy of Music and have their own websites. Websites will be soon available for www.emyntrudeandesmeralda.com, www.unburiedtreasures.com and www.trueromances.com.

His stage play, DINNER, won the international playwriting competition —and had a successful run—at the Warehouse Theatre, Croydon. In 1995, he was canonised by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, as St Mark of the Musical Tendency, for his contribution to gay liberation which included, in 1983, co-founding, with the late Brian Kennedy, the Pink Singers, now the oldest LGBT+ Choir in Europe.

A short documentary about him, MARK BUNYAN, VERY NEARLY ALMOST FAMOUS, was a selection at the San Francisco International Gay Film Festival in 2013 and is available to watch online for 99p (get some friends round and charge them 20p each) at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mark.

Mark served as a local magistrate from 1995 to 2019, won two national gold medals for trampolining in the over-60s category for the British Gymnastics association and has recently started flying trapeze.

He lives with Andrew, his partner of 47 years and counting. As you can tell he’s probably a terrible big head but surprisingly approachable. His website www.markbunyan.com desperately needs updating but his YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3IgrRy7d7Aw5Z5yY9VSNew is better tended.