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Am I Old Yet? Season 7 trailer

"Am I Old Yet? the #podcast enters its 7th season! Our brave 78 year old protagonist is stuck in a safe house in the countryside, enjoying walks with a friendly local dog, who drags her into yet another adventure. Helen discovers that her 'super power' is good for more than just tidying up litter. This trailer will give you a taste of the episode. Gentle, screwball #audio #comedy that's gone #fantasy lately and just a little bit provocative. Helen is still her old curmudgeonly self, but with a #superpower! www.amIoldyet.com. @amIoldyet2 @flloydwith2ells

Seasons 1 - 5 followed Helen as she attempted to age with dignity and humour in 21st century London. In Season 6 she found herself in a parallel universe, being accosted by strange Greek people and acquiring a weird superpower with no idea how to control it. She's still ageing, but the dignity part is getting harder. Season 7 arrives, and we're still in the parallel universe.