Am I Old Yet?

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***** I have listened to four of Flloyd's podcasts on being a woman of a 'certain age'. It can be said that the older generation have been voiced out by the younger in the past. Now it is their turn!
I am not as yet, part of the older generation. I have read that everyone should have friends of all ages—not just around their own. For a number of years I've had older friends and they are amongst the most interesting people I've met. They have an infinite amount of stories to tell.
Flloyd Kennedy seems to be no exception to this story rule—she voices most of the characters in her mini play-podcasts, set in various scenarios. She outlines relationships with her daughter and other friends and family around her. The tales are enjoyable, have a moral, and especially in this time when listening to e-stories can be easier than reading a book; they provide welcome entertainment.

Dec. 30, 2021 by Amanda Jane Derry on Facebook

Am I Old Yet?