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Aug. 6, 2021

23 The Cat Leaps Out of the Bag

23 The Cat Leaps Out of the Bag

Final episode of Season 1 for the audio comedy podcast "Am I Old Yet?". The ageing Helen believes she has discovered her daughter Janey's secret, but needs to be tactful. Janey has finally accepted that her mother is not middle aged any more. And an unexpected visitor opens up a whole new can or worms...  Introducing Frances Broudie Oldbridge as the visitor.

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Frances Broudie Oldridge (Rozzie, Josie Harkins, Marta Polensky)Profile Photo

Frances Broudie Oldridge (Rozzie, Josie Harkins, Marta Polensky)


Frances is a vocalist, actor, voice actor and audio producer. She has just published her production of 'The Chavman Chronicles' written by Db Morgan and available on Audible, in which she also plays Mullins and Tracy Hummer as well as providing much of the background music.

The movie ‘Blood Highway’ based on real events is now out on Amazon Prime. Frances plays Francesca Rose, wife and mother placed in a home suffering from dementia. She appears as an apparition in a frightening sequence to her trapped pregnant daughter as she fights for her life in an overturned car.

Also, look out for Frances as Shelly Bass in ‘MorrisMen’, an urban revenge feature film due for release in 2023.

Upcoming projects for 2023 include the film 'Something Snapped’, as well as the release of a new album entitled ‘Consequence of Love’ plus a pop video.

You can access her back catalogue of music with Tracing Arcs on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.