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July 9, 2021

19 Who's a Keeper?

19 Who's a Keeper?

Helen tries to dodge a few bullets when she finds herself in between her granddaughter Susie and Susie's boyfriend Jack. It would be helpful if she could ever learn to think before she speaks.  Liverpool legend Mark Porter returns to the show in the role of Jack.

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Mark Porter (Jack, and the postman)Profile Photo

Mark Porter (Jack, and the postman)


Mark is an actor/writer based in Liverpool. He can be seen on Amazon Prime in 2020’s “While We Wait” and stars in Rusty Apper’s “Artefacts of Fear” (October 2021). His crime comedy novels are available through Amazon, more details at www.markporter.weebly.com. To be honest, the words ‘cult hero’ and ‘international mega star’ spring to mind—if not quite now, then very very soon!

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