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July 2, 2021

18 Houston Calling

18 Houston Calling

 Four of the original gang of five from Helen's student days are now back in touch with each other,.  Esme (Essie) calls from her home in  Houston, Texas, and the conversation touches on old memories as well as future  possibilities. Why do we still feel obliged to comment on each other's appearance?

Guest performances this week from Joanna Cazden as Essie, Amy Stoller as BethAnn, and Bibi as Honey.  More details at the website. Please rate and review the podcast. And you can click here to support the programme by becoming a Patron—with added benefits..

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Joanna Cazden (Essie)Profile Photo

Joanna Cazden (Essie)

Joanna Cazden is an actor and singer/songwriter in California USA. She has an MFA from CalArts (favorite role: Puck in MSND) and has also appeared in dramatic roles with the Seattle Lyric Theater, and Sholem Community Players; music credits include several national tours in the 1970s feminist music movement, six solo albums, an ensemble CD with Pete Seeger, and a season as music director for Boston’s Caravan Theater. She is also a licensed speech pathologist specializing in vocal arts rehabilitation, and the author of Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers. Her pandemic-era songs “COVID Hard Times Come Again No More,” and “When the Whole World Opens Up Again,” can be found on all music platforms.

Amy Stoller (BethAnn)Profile Photo

Amy Stoller (BethAnn)


Amy Stoller (BethAnn) spent her first act as an actor and is now enjoying her second act as a dialect designer/coach and dramaturge. You can learn lots more about her and her work at www.stollersystem.com.

Bibi (Honey the Dog)Profile Photo

Bibi (Honey the Dog)


Bibi is the Stoller System Client Morale Officer and is delighted to be making her podcast debut.